Automix Repeating Songs in v5.1.1

  • Device model: macbook pro 2019 intel i7 16gb ram
  • Version of operating system: macos monterey 12.7.3
  • Version of djay: 5.1.1
  • Hardware/controllers used: nil

Summary of the issue:
Automix is repeating songs

How to reproduce the issue:

Load a playlist, sort by bpm, let automix run for about an hour.
It will start repeating the song on the opposite deck onto the other deck. Plays same song twice!

I am currently updating to 5.1.2. Although I don’t see any specific change-log saying “fixed automix bug” I will report back in comments

Hi @Armigo,

Thanks for the details. In your Automix playlist, do you have Repeat enabled or disabled? Below is a screenshot from iOS, but I think it’s similar for macOS.

Sorry @Slak_Jaw but I have 2 issues in as much as my answer is YES.

  1. Your interface is iOS(or iPadOs). My bug report is about macOs, as I have not had this bug in iPadOs on my ipad pro. Never. It just hapemed (on 2 occasions) on my mac as specified in the report.

The setting you referred to DOES NOT REPEAT A PREVIOUS TRACK IMMEDIATELY. It is meant to reloop a playlist from the last song in the list at the end of the automix back to the first song in the list and in that way the automix does not stop but rather continuously play from the beginning.
My playlist yesterday when this glitch happened was a 156 track list (8hr 26m long) and it had barely played 70minutes when it begun duplicating previous deck.
As I said, it played well for an hour and then begun duplicating the same song from the previous deck over to the next deck. It was not the end of the list, FYI.

As i type this, i am giving a test-run on v5.1.2 to see if the bug repeats itself after an hour or so

No need to YELL. I realize you’re on Mac. I don’t currently have access to a Mac and wanted to offer you a quick response so I used iOS as an example.

I always hate myself whenever i yell wrongly on a wrong point. On this one, no & no…
Sadly it repeated itself on v5.1.2
30minutes into the mix 2 songs were double-loaded in a row.
I have used djay pro long enough to know it never behaved in the same way b4, AND there isn’t a new setting I introduced (double-checked it)

Am kind of sure this is a useful bug report, just like others I knicked b4.

Thanks for the clarification @Armigo. This does indeed sound like unexpected behavior. I’m unable to reproduce this on my setup, so I need to forward this to the engineering team to see if they can reproduce and offer any suggestions. I’ll report back when I have news.

In the meantime, if you could try to capture a video of this happening, upload it to your Dropbox/Goggle Drive, enable full sharing permissions, and share a link to the video here, that would help to illustrate the problem to the engineering team.

Hi again @Armigo, I’ve spoken with the engineering team and they have a few follow up questions in addition to the video I requested earlier.

  1. Do any of your playlists contain the same song more than once?
  2. Do you see the song repeated in Automix upcoming songs list?
  3. Is shuffle is enabled? If so, does the repeat issue also happen with shuffle disabled.


Hi there,
As you are aware this issue was first rpeorted in v5.1.1
On that day, I relaised v5.1.2 was released and I updated to that. On the day I updated, I remember noting at least 1 repeat, about 30min into the mix, however, when I tried to reproduce it I couldn’t.
I deleted and reinstalled the app and I haven’t been able to experience the repeated automix.
It appears the issue may have been resolved by v5.1.2

Okay thanks for the update @Armigo. I’ll consider this topic closed then. Please reply in this post if you notice the issue return.

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