Automix: Set 'Out' point & transition style

There’s some tracks that I have a particular ‘out’ point on. One example is “Donald Where’s Your Troosers?” by Andy Williams. The first half of the song is a traditional Scots version, the second half a jazz version. I like to cut it at a specific point right at the end of the Scots version, where Andy says something along the lines of “Well, that’s how we sang it in the old country … A more modern version would sound something like this …”. Then on that last “This”, do a really hard cut to a different track. “It’s Like That” by Run DMC, or something like that.

On a more dance music tip, British Murder Boys quite often have a long piece of ambient music at the end of their tracks, and I’ll usually mix out of the track before that point.

What I’d really like is to be able to set, for Automix, an IN point and an OUT point. Ideally I’d also be able to pick a custom transition type & length for the end of a track, so that I could say that normally I want the standard transition, but on tracks where that doesn’t really work I’d prefer a spinback, or a quick cut from one track to the next.

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