AutoMix Set Tempo Adjust

Me personally I like to hear my songs a lil faster than the regular BPM. For automix or if I’m just having a party and just wanna shuffle songs how about a setting that will auto adjust the songs from regular BPM to whateva u prefer
I normally speed tracks +4-5…So every song that’s loaded it’ll automatically adjust it +5 or whateva you like


Thank you for your suggestion. It would be nice to hear what other users think.

You want to an overall increased Tempo of all tracks right?

If your tracks are in the same BPM region, increasing one time the Master Tempo and using an active Sync in the Automix settings could work.

Not necessarily…

Let’s say I have automix on shuffle


And I wanna ALL tracks played +4 BPM

Have a setting for that. In the automix drop down menu

85BPM track load, the setting will automatically adjust it to 89bpm. Next track on shuffle 97bpm once loaded automatically goes to 101bpm

So on & so on

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