Automix should use start and end cue points

Hi, the automix is not working properly when using start and end cue points, see first image. They are simply ignored, instead the system generated (underlined) points are taken, see second image, where the song (Gamma Ray) starts at the underlined section and not the start cue point. Moreover the end of that song will currently be the start of the second underlined section instead of the end cue point.
Should I maybe use other settings?

I’m using djay Pro 2 for MAC.

I noticed this issue as well. If I set the “Start” and “End” options to Manual instead of Automatic, automix then does the right thing for songs that do have start/end cues. So I’d suggest you try that.

But setting the start/end points to manual will also mean you’re out of luck for songs that don’t have start/end cues. It’s unfortunate that using “Automatic” for start/end points does not give you the best of both worlds.

BTW, even setting things to Manual does not seem to work right now on iOS, at least for me:…


Hi Jason, thanks for your suggestion and support! Unfortunately “manuell” does not work on MAC neither. Well, I saw you got an answer on your question from the official support, so let’s wait and see …