Automix Shuffle not working with djay 2.5.

In DJay2, I can’t seem to get shuffle to work while using Automix. It goes alphabetically through the music library. It works the same if the “shuffle” option is on or off.


This problem is fixed with djay 2.5.1. Please download the latest version in the App Store > Updates.

Hi Michael,

Please kindly make a video recording showing the issue and make sure to show your Automix settings. Thanks!

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Random playback of Spotify playlists in Automix isn’t working.

Automix playback of a Spotify playlists doesn’t play the songs randomly, when random playback is switched on.

With playing a queue or added all of the songs to a queue random playback works.

I’ve go the same sort of problem on my iPad, it won’t shuffle songs from a playlist but if I add songs to the cue list it will, but it works fine on my iPhone.

I am also having issues with the shuffle feature with Automix. The shuffle algorithm seems to favor certain songs in a playlist. Every time I open the app, and select a playlist, it always plays the same songs, and never plays others. All my songs are upgraded to plus, so no DRM issue. I am running Ver. 2.5.3

Replied in your thread.

Lukas E.

I’ve got an issue where automix just runs through the playlist really fast, so nothing ever plays before the next track is loaded. Just keeps going.