Automix skips the 2nd song when started

Has anyone ever noticed that when you start an Automix list the 2nd song listed is always skipped? Automix just skips over it and plays the 3rd song in the lineup (the 2nd song just disappears). What’s that all about?

Hi Christopher,

Yes, this is a known issue and only occurs when both turntables are empty at the time you start Automix.

In the meantime, a really simple workaround is to just load the first track manually so that at least one turntable has a song loaded.

djay 2.2.2 is out!

Thank you for your continued feedback. Over the past months we have been hard at work improving almost every aspect about djay 2 in this free update for you, most notably:

• Sound: added audio limiter, no more distortion no matter how much you turn up the bass, filter, effects, etc. (turn on/off in Settings > Advanced)
• Effects: fixed volume drop
• Key detection: added setting to turn harmonic match on/off (Settings > Audio Analysis)
Automix: many improvements including the option to select albums, to only use songs from queue, or to use current playlist selection in library as the source (e.g. history, artists, genres, etc.)
• Queue: added setting to keep songs in the queue after they are played (Settings > Library)
• New gesture: swipe down the load button to automatically play the next track from your current playlist selection
• Enhanced song loading menu: available using tap-and-hold on load button
• iDJ Pro: added firmware upgrade that fixes channel swap issue and improves compatibility with iOS 7
• Various bugfixes and performance improvements

Thank you for using djay 2, please support us by rating the app with every update. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Algoriddim team