Automix songs sync to half bpm

Sometimes, when I put on Automix and enable “sync to bpm,” the next song will sync to half of the bpm of the currently playing song. This especially happens when I bump a song’s bpm up. For example, when I bump a song from 98 bpm to 132 bpm, the next song on the Automix radio will sync to 66 bpm. This is totally undesirable.

This also happens on both djay 2 and djay Pro for iPad, both the latest versions. I would be grateful if you fixed this problem.

Check your playlist order and if the tracks are totally different as in 90bpm next 9ne 120bpm it will either half or double tempo the because its a robot trying to beat sync like a dj…not perfect the other option you may have in settings is auto sync when loaded you could disable that and see if it works…

Best solution is organize your playlist so that there are song with similar tempos… even try the sort by to do it… it wont change the tempo during the mix but will help you in arranging stuff better

I’m using Automix Radio so the songs that come up should already have similar tempos. It’s that when I bump the tempo up past 33%, the tempo slider on the other deck snaps to -33%.

This used to not be a problem and the tempo sliders would snap to the same values, not halved or doubled.