Automix start and end points - help

Hi, new to the forum and DJing and would appreciate if someone might be able to help me, please

I am using DJpro on iphone, automix function
When I am trying to find the best changeover from one song to the next in my playlist, I set the start and end points manually and adjust the seconds counter each time until I get the position I want…

But when I run the playlist start to finish and input the exact numbers again it seems to start at a completely different place when moving over to the next track. It is infuriating me now and I am going insane trying to work it out so this is my last hope! Please any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks


Hi @Boo121

Thank you for getting in touch.

Could you share your Automix Settings with us? A Screenshot would help a lot.

Hi, thanks for support

It seems to be fine when I am trying to merge tracks when focusing on 2 at a time but when I run the automix across all the songs it does the end point cue just fine but the start point on the next song goes out of place, most of the time it jumps to the grey line bar which is not the place I have set the start cue.

Sorry if this seems a bit picky, but my ear is better at picking the right spot than the grey pre set cue lines, but that’s cos I am fussy and a perfectionist! Is there a way of removing them perhaps, on the iPhone app?

Apart from that, as long as I find the right tracks it automixes them beautifully, very impressive. Could benefit from have 24 bars max, if possible, IMV

I spend a lot of time setting start and end points for all my tracks. But I’ve noticed that the app (both iOS and Mac) often do not use that, even though I have it set as a preference in Automix.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Sean_McClafferty,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve moved your post to this existing topic thread as it sounds like you’re having the same issue as described here.

Could you please also share a screenshot of your Automix Settings with us? We’d like to better understand exactly what’s happening with the start/end points.

Here you go!

Thanks a lot for all of your feedback about this, including the screenshots of your Automix settings. I’ve passed all of this information to our development team to investigate and I’ll post here again when I have an update.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

:mega: Hi All,

We wanted to follow up to let you know the start/end points issue with Automix should now be fixed with the release of djay Pro AI for iOS version 3.6. Please update your app when you get a chance.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. Let us know if you have any further feedback or questions.

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