Automix Start Button not activating Automix

Hi, I have an issue where I have songs showing in the Current Playlist (Automix) but when I press the Start Automix button (I can see that it is pushed) nothing happens, it does not start playing.
Has anyone any idea’s, I have even reinstalled program.

Running on 2012 Mac Mini with MacOS 10.15.7 (19H1217).

Hi @LeBerry, Welcome to the Community Forums. :musical_note:

Could you please tell me which djay version you are currently using? You can find this by clicking on the “djay Pro AI” menu in the top menu bar, then click “About djay Pro AI”.

Could you also please send a screenshot showing the issue, in particular where you say you can see the Start Automix button is pushed, so I can take a closer look into this?

Thanks in advance for the additional information.

Hi, thanks for getting back, ver is 3.1.3
I believe that I found the issue, Automix does not work unless you have the full version !!!

It is a feature of the subscription version BUT if you have purchased a previous version of djay you should get a free upgrade that activates some of the Pro functionality and Automix is one of the free unlocks.

Have a look at this FAQ page for more info.


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