Automix Starts Transition Too Soon…

On multiple occasions, I have seen AutoMix transition from one track to another with a VERY long time remaining in the source track. (I’ve seen transitions start with as much as two minutes remaining on the outgoing track)

Is there a setting to force AutoMix not to transition unless this song has less than 60 seconds left, for example?


Hey e,
Are you using djay Ai?
Looks like you can set what you’re looking for in Automix settings.
I think setting you’re End Cue Point would be easier.

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I don’t use automix ‘live’ but set it up on a Tidal playlist last night whilst in the shower.

Most of the tracks aren’t cue marked so we had it set to transition in sync at 20seconds from the end of the previous.

They are mostly 12” remixes of around 6 to 7 minutes in length.

As stated by @eFromDC a lot of them started to Automix out at easily 2 minutes before the end of the track, totally ignoring the 20seconds setting.

Anyway, just thought I’d add to the list….


Hey @sooteee, If what you described occurs, then this should be reported as a bug with Automix. However, I’ve tried to reproduce the issue you’ve described, but wasn’t able to on our devices here.

If possible, could you please share the following:

  1. Screenshots of your Automix settings when this occurs.
  2. What playlist you’re using, if it’s available on TIDAL?
  3. What device, OS version, and djay version did you experience the issue on?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Emily,

It is only a local playlist and not a globally available Tidal playlist.

I was using my iPhone 13 Pro Max, 15.3 and 3.8.6.

Not a major for me as I don’t use AM usually, just set one up whilst in the bathroom and noticed it was cutting really early.

I’ll try and get it replicated and take some screen video etc and post back.



@Emily Me again, I’m having a ‘senior’ moment…how do I upload a video to show this bug in action?

Can seem to do photo’s but not a vid.

Hey @sooteee,

Thanks for the additional information. Yes, whenever you get to it a video would be great.

To post videos on the Community, you’d need to link from an outside hosting source, like YouTube as an example. It’s not possible to upload videos within posts themselves.

Alternatively, you could also drop a video here, and I’ll be able to access the video that way to take a closer look. Thanks again for reporting this and helping to troubleshoot the issue!

@Emily Thanks, I’ve dropped a short video of one instance (but it happened more) and the settings in Automix to the Dropbox site for you to see.

I used the same name to make them easy to find.



Thanks for sharing those so quickly! I can see right away what’s most likely causing the issue - If you have the Automix Start/End point settings set to Automatic, then Automix uses the automatically set transition areas of the song to transition, as shown here (from your video):

This will occur with these settings:

Please try setting them to something like this, and let me know if that solves the issue! :pray:

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Thanks @Emily, I’ll give it a go.

I hadn’t even spotted the transition lines under the waveform and even if I had I wouldn’t have known what they were for!

Will report back when I can have a play around with it.


S :+1:t2:

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If automatic is set as the start point, what exactly is the action taken by the software? Will it attempt to start on a cue point if one is set? What if there is no cue point set? ( DJAYPro AI on iPad Air )

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