Automix time remaining

Would it be possible for automix to calculate how long the selected songs will last. For example, I originally queue 20 songs, I go away, I come back and there are 7 songs left, this could show 18 minutes. I know I need to keep the music going for at least 25 so need to add some more tracks.

Is this already i feature and I’ve just not seen it?

Hi @David_Bielby,

Thanks for the suggestion as it is not currently a feature of djay.

I’ll make sure to pass this along to our dev team for further consideration.

Have a fantastic day!

+1 for MacOs

But in hindsight this might become inaccurate because it is difficult to predict the track overlap due to mixing?

I see what you mean, but I’m not after an exact minute/second accuracy. I just need to know I’ve got a decent amount of time covered

Is this feature going to be added? It is difficult to plan out sets without a timetable of how long a total playlist or queue will be. The only time visible is the combined time of all songs in a playlist, but this becomes inaccurate once you start adding cue points or automix start/end points. The playlist time estimate stays the same rather than considering the new time according to the added cues or start/end points.

Hi @jake.holt,

Thanks for bumping this thread in regards to an update.

I’m afraid we don’t have any definitive details to share about this feature request as of yet, however, we will pass this along to our dev team for continued consideration.

Everyone, feel free to vote on this topic so that this thread will stay relevant as well. Thanks!