Automix time restrict option

Hi all,

I suggested an idea to the guys at Algoriddim & they pointed me at this forum- so here is my idea for the DJ app for you all to consider:

I programme music for events where there is not a DJ and would like to have control over the length of song playback in the Automix. So, for example, you could engineer it so that if the song is less than ‘X’ minutes long then it plays to the very end, but if the song is above a certain length then the automix happens at a pre-set time.

It could work as either a pre-defined time, or as a factor of the length of the song. For example: if the song length is greater than 5 minutes then ‘mix at’ 6 minutes. Or, as a factor/ ratio: if the song is 12 minutes long then ‘all songs over 5 minutes get mixed after 2/3rds or 66% of their length’, so the 12 minute song would be mixed at 8 minutes. A 9 minute song would be mixed at 6 minutes etc.

Of course, it is useful to have all the power of the DJ app ready to be used when there is a moment when you can get to the controls, so having a selective ‘autopilot’ would be useful in absence of a DJ.

Have fun!

Currently you can use que points to start the Automix song at the desired time. If there was a “end que” function that the Automix would recognize to begin the transition to the next song would be a possible solution

There are 4 que pints already in the app - just turn one of them into an end que

Thanks for posting James!

Seems like nobody else wants this feature for time restricted automixing…?! I’m surprised at least!

Hi James, I’m new to the app on Android and though I agree that the “automix” has a lot of improvements to be wanted and it would certainly be nice if it was in all smarter and more musically skilled I have from reading the forum understood that Algoriddim don’t prioritize Automix. Possibly they see it as a gimmick only, rather than something useful. If that’s the case I suppose we have to accept that fact (and you may have done that during the 2 years I was absent).

As for myself I’m not really interested in a crude automix feature, but would rather have the control that Lockaret mentions, with an additional “que out” and to that the ability to script the cross over. It would take a lot of preparations to get the script done, but would then free up that time during the session. So it’s the “me controlling everything but not in real time, because I’m not that skilled” rather than the “play random songs and add strange cross-overs by automix” I was hoping for when I installed the app.

These days the app has proper frequency analysis of each song. Why not use that to decide when to cross-over, rather than from a fixed time? A song ending with a few seconds of silence or a strange outro is no surprise but completely ignored by the Automix.