Automix track play order

Hi, I love the auto mix feature for having on in the background.

I’m aware that it auto selects tracks - does it to do this in particular order? I see sometimes it mixes in key 5a > 6a, but sometimes there are big hops around the camelot wheel. If anyone has any details on whether the AI is used and how it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @ctdfuk, welcome to the community. Automix simply plays in the order that the playlist is shown unless you have it set to Shuffle. You have some options to help a get specific play order result though. For example if you want to play the tracks in order of Key:

  1. Sort your playlist by Key (either ascending or descending depending on your preference).
  2. Load the first track in the playlist that you want to start with. Note it does not need to be at the top of the playlist.
  3. Open the Automix menu and make sure your playlist is selected and Shuffle is OFF.
  4. Finally, press Start Automix and it will play in the order you have set in the playlist.
  5. You can do the similar playlist sorts and Automix orders using Artist, BPM, Time and Title
  6. Alternatively, you can create a playlist in the My Collection source of djay Pro AI and organize it in any order you like by dragging tracks up and down.

Thanks for the prompt response! Forgot to add I’m using Djay Pro on an iPad using Tidal.

It turns out I had shuffle on :slight_smile: Once I switched it off I noticed the default sort order would be whatever is on the Tidal playlist, so selecting the key on the playlist in the Djay software did not impact the sort order. Is this expected?

Hi @ctdfuk

  1. Make sure that all of the songs in the playlist have been analyzed so that the time, BPM and Key information is available.
  2. Now you should be able to sort the playlist by Key and Automix them in that order.
  3. Finally, go to the Automix menu and ensure that you have selected Playlist below the Up Next section so that it pulls from the desired playlist instead of from Matching Songs or Queue.

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