Automix Transition Duration

On previous versions of DJay, it was easy to find and adjust the automatic transition duration time. Now it looks like that (very essential!) feature is buried. Am I missing something?

Nope, I’m not missing anything.

I’m using it for manually triggered automatic transitions.

No, that’s a fair question! I’m a wedding DJ playing pop songs, so I use relatively simple transitions.

When I started using DJay, it was on bottom of the main window, in plain view and very easy to adjust. Then it was moved to a setting within “auto mix” (1 extra click to access). In this version you have to make 2-3 clicks to find it in preferences, and that’s a bit tougher and becoming impractical. I could manually pull the crossfader (and I do often pull it to the center when the next song has a hot start), but I’m telling you, the auto-transitions are a godsend for my kind of work.

Maybe this is just me but it seems a bit redundant to manually trigger automatic transitions. If you are literally triggering the transition why not literally mix? I mean no offense by this just very curious.

OK I can understand that. There is a time and place for everything I always like to think. Djay pro in itself is a perfect example of this. I use Serato, Traktor or Rekordbox typically for performing. I have been using Djay pro more and more since they decided to support my Nexus setup as well as quite a few of my controllers. I haven’t messed around much with the Automix myself. Perhaps an Auto Mix “mode” could be the answer here. It would kill two birds with one stone:

Aaron wants more Automix options is sounds. While understandable I can see this potentially making things even worse for those like Tank and myself. Instead of dismissing Aaron’s idea why not have this “Automix mode” that when selected would not only have the Automix itself but a richer feature set of parameters and options. When De-selected it would not be present in the GUI at all hence both sides of the fence could be happy.

This comes up a LOT with Serato and Traktor. My stance is ALWAYS anything is possible (within reason) as long as it is FULLY user select-able so as to please those asking for it yet not alienating those who are already happy without it.

In DJay 2 it’s under

Settings > Transition > Duration

and in DJay Pro 1.2 it’s under

Preferences > Automix > Duration

How often are you changing the duration?! It’s kind of a ‘set it and forget it’ item.
If you are changing it between every mix then you are using automix incorrectly.

Ok, makes sense. There are definitely limitations to the software and you have to adjust accordingly. The only suggestion I can make is to try manually triggering the song and moving the cross fader manually. That is the only method that I can think of that makes the cross fader infinitely adjustable on the fly. No need to go into settings needed.

Side note: the Android version of DJay 2 is slightly different in that the “automix” button contains the transition duration setting.

Out of curiosity, where was the setting when it wasn’t buried? I only have newer vesions of the app.

I’ll add to that Deejay Dave by adding that I wish there were a way to hide or disable any auto mix settings or buttons as I have never triggered them on purpose. I’ve only used auto mixing when the club is empty before opening.

This is a great example of how everyone uses software differently and to their liking. The people designing the app likely use it a completely different way than the rest of us, therefore the design decisions sometimes seem stupid to us.

Any automatic transition longer than 1 second sounds terrible to me on my system.

I’m realizing I don’t know what your setup looks like or even what app you are using, but let me make a guess based on what you said so far…

I’m guessing you are using DJay Pro on a Mac laptop and you are interacting with the software via the mouse or track pad?

I had made the comment about manually moving the crossfader thinking you had a touch interface (controller or iPad) which is really easy to do, but using a mouse to do it smoothly is a pain in the ass.