Automix Transition Function Does not Work at all djay2 for ipad

I am attempting to setup a simple wedding playlist with song transitions occurring 30 seconds before the end of the song using Spotify playlists. When I set automix to transition 30 seconds before the end of the song it still wont start the transition until the end of the song. Please help!

Hey Christopher,
Make sure Jump to Cue is ON.

What’s going on here is exactly why I’m always a version behind. I’m too afraid to pull the trigger on updated DJ Software (of any kind). Even though my setup is all Serato now, I still use DJ Pro (on my Pioneers 3rd channel) for cocktail hours and it not working would cause so many headaches.

I’m interested to see if this gets fixed soon so I can upgrade…

Thanks Laid back Fred however when I select the jump to cue point it starts changing songs at the duration frequency (changes songs every 7.5 seconds), it doesn’t wait until 30 seconds before the end of the song.

Thanks Laidbackfred however when I select jump to cue point it starts changes songs at the duration frequency (rapid fire song changes).

I have the same issue

yep… i hope so too… this is really annoying

I am having the same issue with djay iPhone I’ve tried closing out deleting reinstalling the app and nothing works. It was working fine earlier today

It seems to me that it is a bug in the new release update of yesterday (30/5).
I my ipad, if have still an older version where cross-fading (transition) is still working.
Hopefully they will come soon with an update for this problem.

It does not work for me on the iPhone either! I have the same problem.

Is there going 2 be a fix for this?

I have a new Ipad and i’m experiancing the same issue trying everthing as well, but glad to have found this page that explains it all, i wish Algoridimm could communicate with us paying customers more openly than ignoring us as some of us Djay’s need this 30s transition to be working.

Thanks guys