Automix Transitions Issues

I have start/stop times setup on my songs in itunes and have the playback option to use start/stop times enabled. In Djay, I see that the cue points are setup in the right place.

I have the option set to start transition 10 seconds before reaching the end of the song and transition set to 7 seconds. However, when using automix, the transitions won’t start until the stop point is hit.

For example, I have a 4 min song with a stop time at 3:40. Using my automix playback settings, the transition should start at 3:30, but it does not start until 3:40.

What do i need to do get the transitions right?

Hi Bryan,

The transition will always start exactly at the selected end point. The “start transition x seconds before reaching the end of the song” setting is only used if no end point is available (or if use start/end points is disabled).

One thing I got to work was to turn off “use start/end point if available” and set the general end point to 15 seconds from the end. When I do this, automix will bypass its pre-determined transition point and instead transition 15 seconds before the end of the song.

Unfortunately, I don’t want every song to mix 15 seconds before the end so it’s not really a viable option. No matter what I do otherwise, I can’t get automix to use the song-specific cue point I set as the transition point. I did notice that if I load the song onto a deck and set a cue point, when I restart the software the cue point is still set, so it’s there before I ever drag my playlist into the automix queue and start it. Still, it’s not working as you described.