Automix transitions song way too early

I recently purchased Djay Pro 2 (for mac) and have been trying out the automix function with one of my Spotify playlists. I found that at least one of the songs (I think there are others) are transitioned way too early, barely 1/2 way through the song. There is no major change in tempo, volume, pitch or anything like that.

Is it possible to force automix to change the transition point? I tried changing the end point setting but it doesn’t make any difference.

Hi Guy,

you can set start and end points manually. After activating the use Start and End point Automix setting these should be taken into account as transition points.

It doesn’t seem to work. I set use start/end points in automix settings, waited till the problematic song is loaded onto one of the decks, selected a point way after the automatic transition point and hit set end point under the cues menu. I see the end point marked in the song, but when automix plays the song it still insists on transitioning at the point it set automatically when the song is automatically added to the deck.

I don’t know if I can set the end point before automix is started, I don’t see a way to do this. I only know how to set the end point after automix is already running and when it loads the song to a deck.