Automix "trigger before end" function not working

EDIT: Okay, I should have done more reading before posting. Apparently the app was working fine for all users until an update that was published on 30 May 2018, which broke the normal functionality of the Automix’s Transitions. We will have to wait for another update to fix the update. I happened to purchase this app right after that update hit, so I never experienced the normal functionality of the transitions…so I thought I was doing something wrong. Either way, this is still a really great program. Thanks!

Hello, I recently got this program in my iPad Pro and I think it’s absolutely great. But I seem to be having some trouble with the Automix function. My apps and iOS are completely up to date. I am using my Spotify playlists as my music source and I had no trouble connecting to Spotify.

In the Transition options, I have the following settings:

Style: standard
Duration: 30 seconds
Trigger Before End: 30 seconds
Jump to Cue Point: no
Auto-sync BPM: no

No matter what options I select…and no matter what duration I set for Duration or Trigger Before End…the Automix will never start the transition before the end of a song. It always waits until the very end of a song to move on to the next song, and then it slowly moves from one deck to the other. This leaves me with 30 seconds of fading in from silence to the next track which is playing. If I change the Duration to something else, such as 5 seconds, then it provides 5 seconds of fading in from silence to the next track. But the Trigger Before End function just won’t work.

What am I doing wrong? What option did I miss that will allow the Trigger Before End function to work correctly?

Thanks for your help and for making an amazing program!