AutoMix user presets

For hands off background Ambient mixes, I have a particular criteria - full track length, 10 second normal crossfade, no sync.
But these settings are not suitable for every playlist or occasion. For example the dinner party, the kitchen disco, when stop/start cue points are incorporated, track lengths are constricted, funky crossfading is linked to bar length.

I would like to make AutoMix presets to use on any playlist, or maybe presets can be recalled along with specific playlists.

Hey @cheakypawl ,

Thank you for writing regarding this here in the Community. Nice one!

Could you please share a few examples of presets you would like to see implemented with Automix? It’d be great to get an idea of what you have in mind, so I can pass it along to the Dev Team.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks! Working on a decent reply for you. Hold tight…

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  1. Full Automix (all settings ON)

  2. Minimal Automix (all settings OFF)

  • This is my default mode for live performances - and it’s the one awesome features of djay Pro that no other DJ software can match. Specifically, in iOS, it will Auto Load the next Track from the Automix List - with the Queue as the Automix Source. This is such a great way to harness “in the moment” inspirations and have the tracks neatly available for Auto Loading onto the next Deck. Unfortunately, this broken macOS, since you cannot set the Queue as the Automix Source in macOS - uuuurrrrrrggggggghhh!!!.
  • A secondary benefit - if you set a playlist or library as the source for the Automix, it can generate a random queue of tracks that can inspire/trigger “in the moment” creative ideas. This feature has inspired me many times to come up with a better mix “in the moment”; it’s also helped me get out of the weeds when my brain was fried and I couldn’t think of a “great” next song to load.
  1. Minimal Plus Automix (basic automatic transition, short duration: 3-5 seconds or 1-2 bars)
  • For lounge/chillout/dining situations, where the full song is important, but the DJ doesn’t need to be actively DJing.

this is a great idea. I often find myself wanting to manually insert a song that I have thought of during the Automix process. I basically just want to override automix sometimes. I have not found a clean and easy way to do that.

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Attaching custom atomic settings for different genres would be killer.