automix windows

hello i purchase djay on my android and i loved how he was doing the transitions automatically in the music so i purchase it on windows and i can beleive you can’t do it automatically like Android !! what is going on? it is only me?

thank you

Hi @eric_rivault,

Welcome to Algoriddim’s Community Forums. I’ll be happy to help you out with using Automix on djay Pro for Windows. Were you able to locate the Automix icon to start using Automix, as shown below:

Just click here to get started and also to access the Automix settings if you wish to change the transition type or duration. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

. Hello thanks for the reply,
I want dj Pro to be as smart in transition as the android by having all the transition automated but the Windows is limeted and not smart in transitions.

Thanks for your feedback. Our team values your feedback about Automix… could you please share what specifically you wish to see in the Windows version that is currently possible in the Android version? Or is it just a general feeling that the Android version produces smarter transitions?