Automix with neural stems adjusting automatically

So before 5.0 automix was fine. Now when using automix it adjust the stems on its own which makes the volume also adjust.

Example : when deck 1 is playing it starts adjusting the stems on its own and deck 2 starts raising its stems by the time the transition is done. This leads to volume levels getting lowered then raising which isnt good cause it has to catch up before back up to normal levels and vocals in the beginning of incoming track are lowered until it raises back up. This wasnt happening before.

Turned off automix and tried the tempo blend for crossfader and that method keeps volume evenly. Why cant automix go back to be that way?

Auto gain is off which ive always had off.

My specs are macbook pro 14” m3 pro.
Its at 100% in djay settings.

Any way to fix this?

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Hi @MrG, so I can better understand your issue can you please:

  1. Provide a screen shot of your Automix Settings and confirm that you are wanting to use the Automatic transition type, not the Neural Mix transition type.
  2. Can you please also provide a screen shot of your Crossfader FX settings and confirm that they are switched OFF?


Here ya go. I even have the fx and tempo settings set to off in settings. If im using strictly automix transitioning left to right with keyboard arrows, the volume will randomly either stay level with the automatic automix sounds or ends up bringing in the incoming song on low volume and then raises.

I am noticing two things that are also happening which i screen recorded a video of it but dont know hiw to upload it here.

So first, transitioning to the right deck the crossfader moves in a swift speed. If i go to left deck it takes longer transitioning. They arent going at the same speed. One side is taking longer to transition.

Secondly, instead of the eq adjusting everytime during transition, itll randomly lower incoming stems (drums, bass, harmonic, vocals) then raise them once outgoing track is coming to end of transitioning. Because of it switching to stems and not staying as just eq, its not keeping volumes leveled.

@MrG, I could be wrong, but my understanding is that the Automatic Transition type lets djay choose which transition it wants from the full list. So this could be Neural Mix or Riser or Echo, etc…

If you prefer to use EQ or something specific from this list, I recommend you try select something other than Automatic.

Ahh that makes sense then. It was driving me crazy with the random neural happening.

I dont know but i think it’d be useful in the automix settings to be able to select which effects from that list that you want to use as automatic. Only because when it automatically chooses neural, it changes the volume during transition. The other effects work fine and volume levels stay consistent. I love automatic but neural throws it off. Maybe implement that in an update?

What about the crossfader issue? It takes longer going to the left deck and the right deck moves fasters when transitioning to right side.

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