Automix won't pull from the right folder on iPhone App

If I touch the automix button and choose a playlist, then start automix it does not pull from that playlist?


I don’t have automix on because it keeps adding songs from the 80’s. And as you can see the playlist I have chosen is Billboard Top 100.

Thanks for the help. Eric

Thank you so much. that worked. my question is… why would it pull from the queue when all of those songs had already played? They weren’t songs that i had sitting at the ready.

I appreciate the help Warren.

Lastly, any chance my Spotify will be working with my MacBook Pro Laptop full version of the software soon?

Can you please upload screenshots of your Automix settings? Thanks.

It looks like you have 107 songs in the Queue. Please go to Queue, tap “Edit” and then “Clear” to delete all songs.

Songs in the Queue always precedes the playlist. djay will only switch to the playlist when the Queue is empty.

We have big plans for djay for Mac but unfortunately no ETA to give at this time, sorry. All I can say is that djay for Mac will surely benefit from the hard work we’ve put into djay 2 for iOS.

I had the same issue. Then I realized. Automix will only play the songs that I have in my Que! If someone has a different thought…please share.

Can’t wait for the Mac update! :slight_smile: