Autoplay a playlist?

Can’t figure out how to get djay to play multiple songs from a playlist on my iPad without me having to start each one manually. I can get the playlist songs to show up one after the other in the Automix queue and play them from there, but only one at a time.

Hi @rcharbon,

Do you happen to have an active PRO subscription to djay Pro AI for iOS?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

No. Is this a Pro feature? It’s not labeled that way.

Hi @rcharbon,

On our PRO subscription FAQ page (linked below), which has stayed the same for some time now, lists Automix as a feature only available in the PRO subscription.

I apologize if this has inconvenienced you in any way. Have a great day!

Your response has nothing to do with the actual question. And you should NOT be marking your responses as a solution - that is up to me, as the person asking the question, to determine.
As it happens, I’ve now paid for the PRO subscription, and Autoplay is exactly the same - songs play one at a time. Sometimes that’s what I want, but sometimes I want songs to play continuously, and the latter never happens in spite of any settings I’ve checked.
FWIW, from all appearances Automix is NOT a PRO feature. The PRO features are tagged as such in the free version, tags that go away once I paid.

Hi @rcharbon,

Please note that Automix (with an active PRO subscription) should not be behaving in the manor you have suggested.

After selecting a playlist in Automix Mode (or via the Automix drop down menu in Pro/2 deck mode) and pressing play then all of the tracks in said playlist should play one after another.

Could you record a video of your Automix issue and either attach it to your reply or link us to a video via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc so that we can better asses this situation?

It has “fixed” itself.

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