AUV or IAA support for iPad??????????????????????

The app is FANTASTIC on my ipad pro BUT… What is up with AU connectivity??? Will it ever be a thing? If not I would like to know so I can stop holding out for it and deal with the BS workaround I am currently using.

Cmon guys and gals…

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Hi @James_Redou

Could you share some more insights on the setup you are using and the current workaround? What would you like to see in the future?

We’ve been trying for years to get this on the new version unsuccessfully, we get the same reply.

Still works on the old version.

It would be great to know what Audio Unit Effects or general setups you would like to achieve. This is very valuable for the process of supporting. Therefor, please feel free to share your setup requests, audio unit effects etc. in order to help the process.