Back up / share metadata such as BPM, Cue points and Key info

Is there a way to back up / share metadata such as BPM, Cue points and Key info? I had to install iTunes again and now my metadata is lost. Where is the metadata stored? I understood you can use iCloud, but not for all metadata? And how can you share ALL the metadata with other computers or iPads?

Is there even a way to copy cue points from one deck to the other? I’m only seeing the start/end cue points on the deck I created them on, but want them to be used no matter which deck they happen to get loaded on when using automix.

Hi Aartjan,

Thanks for contacting us.

djay only syncs user-generated data (e.g. cue points and edited BPM).

If you’re moving from Mac to Mac, then you can just try to copy the “djay” folder under /Music.

Although, you should know that djay uses the iTunes Persistent IDs of the songs to fetch the data. So, this probably only works if your libraries on both Macs are identical.

Is “Documents & Data” enabled? In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s an article on iCloud syncing

No prob.

The relevant files/folders are:

  • djay Cached Data.plist
  • djay Preset Library.plist
  • Metadata (folder)

This “sync workaround” only works if the libraries are identical before and after. For example, if the iTunes IDs of the songs somehow changed then this trick won’t work.

I’ll pass this on to our dev team.

Warren, would you mind to share where does Djay store that metadata?. I was looking for a method to manually move saved cue points from my desktop to my laptop djay(I can ́t dispose of iCloud sync because I ́m on Snow Leopard) in the old site and it doesn ́t exist anymore.

Hi, Warren, thank you very much for the quick answer.
Actually yes, from my Mini to my MBP.
For djing at my MBP I use a iTunes library clone stored in a small external FW drive. I regularily update it(from my Mac mini library) with Chronosync . Something very useful that I highly recommend.
I would prefer to know exactly which file I should copy; my Music/Djay folder weights like 20 GB and probably we are must be talking about some small plist file :slight_smile: but thank you anyway. It ́s ́better than nothing.

I mean… First off, thank you.
I would rather prefer to know exactly what to copy in order to move cue points metadata from one Djay installation to another, though. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!

As far I know, points are linked to the track, not the deck, Ryan. At least at Djay4.


Warren, how does it work, I have the slider to on in the app for share with iCloud, but I never see it in iCloud

Hej, For some reasons I don’t know copying

  • djay Cached Data.plist
  • djay Preset Library.plist
  • Metadata (folder)

doesn’t help.

I had to change my harddisk and backup’ed the old the minutes before. Now that I work with the new I just copied the three items but DJAY needs to analyze me entire music files again. We talk about 30k files. I started with it yesterday and “already” 6k are analyzed. HELP!

Hej Warren, thanks for your reply. Well, I cloned my HD. So it should be exact the same. But now I have analyzed approx the half. The DJob I just did yesterday was okay since I always create folders with playlists for the jobs I have. So I analyzed the folder.

But anyway, can’t there be an easier way? Like an export file?