Backspin to the beginning of the song


Can you implement a feature where you back spin, and it creates an exaggerated, echo backspin sound AND takes it back to the beginning of the song.

Many Hip Hop & Dancehall DJs use this to “bring it back,” if the crowd is feeling the song or if they are not ready for a part of a song.

We also are waiting on authentic American Trap/Rap horns, lasers, and effects packs.The ones you offer are not up to standards.

You also need a Dancehall/Reggae pack. Instead of offering Snoop Dogg, please get an established Radio mix DJ

It would add excitement to DJ sets. Thanks.


Thank you for sharing your suggestion. We added your feedback to our issue tracking system for providing Dancehall / Reggae Pack. We are not providing a designated pull up effect as our audio effects are not changing the playmaker position.


Can you atleast have reverb or echo efx on the back spin?

This is already possible, if you have a hardware controller but you have to hit a lot of buttons very quickly :slight_smile:

  • Activate the echo FX
  • With one hand turn up the Dry/Wet Level of the effect
  • With your second hand do the backspin on the jog weel
  • With your third hand … (just kidding) … press Shift + CUE. This brings the song back to its start
  • And the very quickly press play.

Another may be a little bit easier version (but only echo, no backspin) :

  • Active the PAD FX. These are predefined effects that can be triggerd by pressing on of the eight pads on your controller
  • One of these pads is a “echo out” effekt. Not really a backspin, but its ok.
  • When the echo fades out quickly press SHIFT+CUE and then play.
  • Track will start playing from the beginning.

Could you backspin, then hit a hotcue?

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