Backspinning bug?

During a couple of sets recently, djay has began to randomly start backspinning at high speed towards the end of the song on the active deck just as i’m about to, or have started the song on the other deck - not an ideal situation.

Is this a bug anyone else has noticed, and is there a fix for it?

Hi David,

This is not a bug. :wink:

It sounds like you have “Automix” turned on. Please tap the “Automix” icon in the bottom and select “Stop Automix”.

Sure, if you bought the app in the Mac App Store, simply delete it and re-download via App Store > Purchases.

Another thing that could cause this, is that perhaps the “Transition to Left” (or Right) action is being triggered by either the keyboard shortcuts (left/right arrow keys) or the mapped buttons on your controller.

Which controller do you have? Check under “MIDI” > “Configure…” which buttons are mapped to “Mixer” > “Transition to Left (or Right)”. Then, check whether these buttons are somehow broken and get “pressed” involuntarily.

Please kindly make a short video recording showing the issue.

OK, thanks.


Thanks, have been using the app a few years now and am familiar with Automix, it’s definitely not on when this has occurred. Is there a way to uninstall and reinstall the program to see if this would help?

I don’t use a controller and pretty sure I’m not pressing the arrow keys either, I’ll try reinstalling.

Have reinstalled twice now and this is the third week in a row I’ve been DJing where a song will stop midway or at another random point, stutter and skip similar to a scratched CD then the deck spins really rapidly backwards and the only option is to quit the program.

It’s unlikely I’ll be using the program again in a live setting, and when this happens I’m usually too occupied with fixing it to shoot a video, but I will try running the program at home and see if I can catch some footage of the problem.

Have caught some brief footage of the issue, where should I send it?