Bad cue point performance with loop and key lock

Performance is terrible when using 3 decks and performing two actions at the same time. Performance is terrible when using key lock and a loop and then jumping to a cue point. To demonstrate this, I have recorded a video. This behavior is reproducible, happens like that every single time. Quantize is enabled and set to 1/2. in the video at the end, I‘m jumping to the red cue point of deck 3 (the „tonight it’s party time“ acapella) while at the same time hitting play on deck 2. On deck 3, it takes 8 beats before the cue point jump is actually done, way too late of course.

I could narrow this down to having a loop playing and key lock enabled. If I disable either of the two, the behavior is much more performant again.

I‘m happy to share the tracks I’ve used.


Some device details: in the video, I am using an iPad Air 4th gen with iOS 15.3.1 and djay 3.8.7.

I tried this out on my iPhone 13 Pro, too. It results in the same behavior. There, I’m using iOS 15.4 with djay 3.8.7.

Hey @djjoejoe, Thanks a lot for sharing this and sorry for the delayed reply. You’ve provided all the details our team needs to look into this further, so thank you for being so thorough. :pray:

I’ll keep you posted when we have any updates about this issue. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

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Confirming I’m also having the same problem with an iPhone with iOS 15.4 and a DDJ-400. When using loops and a cue point is hit, the software either goes to the wrong cue point or sometimes the wrong point in the song altogether. I’m also experiencing notable delays on the cue point or sometimes the the software ignores that the cue point is pressed altogether.

I’m not yet sure if key lock is the main issue - I’ll be testing deeper - but this issue makes djay pro nearly completely unusable live for iOS until this is addressed. Please update if a solution is found. Thanks!

I’ve seen inconsistent behavior on multiple occasions (using a wide range of hardware). I guess some sort of (CPU) performance (bottleneck) indicator / suggestions would solve a lot of questions.

‘It just works’ or K.I.S.S. doesn’t cut it in every scenario. Even a general performance FAQ (‘we recommend…’) would be better than nothing.

Hey All,

Our team is working on a fix for these issues currently, and I’ll have news for you soon about when these updates will be available. Please stay tuned!


Yes I’ve been having the same problem. You cannot jump to A cue Point from within a loop. My workaround has been to turn the loop off before hitting the cue.pad.

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