Bar count for beat grid

I would like to see a bar count for the beat grid please i.e. numbering the beat grid, thanks

Barcount and CUE Text

There are many way to count. We need a option how you want count

Interesting new way of phrase mixing does the software Flow 8 from Mixed in Key. Interesting concept

I like it how Flow 8 from Mixed in Key handels Phrase mixing. Flow 8 analyse the music and does a segmentation of different Energie Levels. In most cases if Energie level changes there is also a bew Phrase.

Then you do not anymore need to count beats and bars.

Something similar to beats to cue from traktor would be a great implementation…would help ensure mixes are phrased correctly…

nice idea i like it.

Hi Matt Price,

thank you for the idea. Added your feedback to the customer requests.

Lukas E.

No not 1-4, was thinking 1-whatever such as 1-100 for example. Rekordbox has it for reference.

Yes like he is counting but to show the numbers on the beat grid. It would have to be a continuous count though to allow for all music - I DJ DnB mainly which tends to be 16 each section but other music might have 20 so you can’t just count in 16s for example. If it was continuous then the DJ would just need to know their multiples of 16, 20 etc

+1 on grid numbering too. I like Serato styles ie it starts from number 1 and counts till the end. it can also start from a negative integer ie some songs the first beat don’t start till 8 bars in so it goes - 8 - 7 - 6 etc

but I will take any type right now.

Yes, it would be great to have the bar count, but also the BEAT count so you can quickly see where your play head is sitting.

Further, it would be important to have it recognize time signatures. Other apps usually only do 4/4 time, but there are tons of songs in 3/4, 6/8, and other time signatures.

Thank you.