Bar counter for Cue Points

How about a bar counter that shows how many Bars remain until the next Cue Point of a track.
This would allow you to easily see when to start the next track, so you can time the mix perfectly.

I like to use cue points to mark the intro of a track to mix in, and the outro of a track to mix out so I can cut to the next track at the perfect moment.

This would save people from having to know the structure of a track off by heart, and would allow them to use visual cues instead.

Thanks for your time.

Hi there, 

thank you very much for contacting us!
I definitely will hand this over to our developers as an Idea for a new feature!Thanks for your support.
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Just spotted that the CDJ-2000 has this exact feature,
as demonstrated in this video at 7:47……

Please add this to djay, it would really help! :slight_smile:

Thanks Very much Alex! I have another suggestion here which is crucial for people that use DJ controllers if you can have a look: