Bar Marker Question

  • Device model M1 MacBook Air:
  • Version of operating system Sonama 14.4.1:
  • Version of djay 5.1.3:
  • Hardware/controllers used Just on laptop, evaluating software:

Summary of the issue:

When viewing the waveform at the start of the track, there are numbered markers that show each bar.

Surely the one at the start of the track/1st downbeat should be labelled “0” rather than “1” ?

At the moment they’re are labelled “-2 -1 1 2” …& miss out 0 altogether.

Image attached

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 21.16.53

How to reproduce the issue:

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Why? It’s the first bar, hence bar one (1).

That would break with how most other software handle this.
Would be very messy.

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This confused me a bit when I would calculate where I would put outro cue points but then I realised when I make the calculation I just need to add 1 to it