Bar number count, zoom out more, single color waveforms, 8 que points default

I have been using Djay pro 2 since January. I believe it’s time to give some feedback what is a must on the software updates. And I hope this question has been asked before and that we can get some more updates coming (only one small update in February with fixes…).

  • Bar number count (make it visible!)
    I don’t know how dj:s quickly go through a whole new long playlist to set que pionts fast etc, but it would be really useful if there would be the option to see the bar number so I don’t have to count 8-, 16-, 32- Bars etc… At least it would save a lot of time if an option to make them visible could be added.

  • Possibility to have 8 que points as default? (Always have to set it again)
    I have a controller and can use up to 8 que points on my controller. When opening djay pro 2 the default que points are set to 4 and I always have to manually change on all the decks from 4 to 8 que points. Can this please be an option to make in the settings so I don’t always have to manually change the que points from 4 to 8?

  • Single color waveforms?
    The color is all nice and so on but sometimes it just have a lot of necessary and confusing rainbow colors. One blue/purple:ish color option would be fantastic!

-Possibility to Zoom out the waveforms more

I hate it when you cannot zoom out the waveforms more. When playing with 4 decks the waveforms are zoomed out a lot more and I wish they could be the same for when you play with 2 decks.

Looking forward to the comments and the implementations!

Halloooo!.. Is Djay pro community dead or I’m stuck on some old forum that is not used anymore?