Basic broadcasting setup?

I’m attempting a basic setup for online broadcasting on my Macbook with djay. I signed up for a free account on Mixlr to test this.

I have a Behringer U-Control UCA 202, which I use for pre-cueing with headphones. I have a pair of speakers plugged into my Macbook’s headphone jack. I expect I should be able to use the input/output jacks on the U-Control for my broadcasting signal, but I can’t figure out the right connections. I’ve tried various arrangements with no success. In most cases, I do get a signal on the test broadcast on Mixlr, but it’s never the right signal - a clean “main” signal from djay’s virtual mixer.

When I select the U-Control as audio input on Mixlr, my headphone cue signal becomes the broadcast signal, which obviously doesn’t help. When I select “Built-in Input” as the audio input (which would mirror the standard setup I use for playing and recording at home), it turns my speakers into a microphone. It does pick up the main output playing on djay, but it also picks up room noise, and the physical speaker volume, which should just be a monitor, affects the broadcast signal on Mixlr.

Improvising based on advice I read in another forum about different equipment, I tried running an RCA cable from the output to the input on the U-Control. That didn’t seem to help at all.

I played with the Devices preferences in djay but could not find a solution.

Help? Is the solution right in front of me? Or is the Behringer U-Control not sophisticated enough to do this?


Please try the following setup in djay (Preferences -> Devices):

  • Main Output: Behringer U-Control
  • Pre-cueing: Built-in
  • Microphone: disabled (none)

Connect your sound card’s output to its input. Choose U-Control as input for MixIr. You should now be able to hear the main mix in the MixIr app.

It worked! It’s a little backwards, as the monitor ends up plugged into the headphone jack on the soundcard and the headphones are plugged into the computer, where I expected the speakers to be connected. But I don’t care - it works. Thank you.