Basic djay version for iPhone 4?

Hi folks,

Since the latest upgrades, my iPhone 4 can’t stand djay anymore: it crashes after a few tunes :frowning:

Well, I could play the Apple game and go get an iPhone 5 but…I was wondering if it was possible to go back to the first version i bought, which worked perfectly well?..

Thank you very much, you guys do a great job!


Sorry to hear that. When does this happen? Which djay version do you have now?
Which iOS version do you have?

Hi Warren,

I had both latest versions: djay 1.6.2 on iOS 6.0.1. Is it too heavy for my little iPhone 4? I’m afraid it could have an “accident” soon…

And by the way, how is it that my Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V AUX input doesn’t work under djay control? Anyway, I am formatting my Macbook again to make it clear.

After then I will try my gear all over again, and give you feedback about it.

Thanks for your responding, have a nice day!