Basic Sample Functions that dos,nt integrated in dj pro

please i,v Been asking for Some Sample function Since The Upgrade In 2014 .I Know Am Not The Only One Would Find These Function Important. These Are The Functions I,v Ask For .Sampler Play And Stop,Not All The Time When You Play a Sample You Want It to Play To The End ,Sample Trigger. Stutter, Each Sample Should Have There Own Volume Perimeter ,Some sampler Play Louder Than some.And Please Could You odd Two More Sample bank to match the Reloop Beat Pad 2. From The Current Six To eight .Thats The Only Area In Algoriddim Dj Pro I Find Logging With The Other Top Dj Software On The Market.Thank You Guys Dwayne

Hi Dwayne Hylton,

i forwarded your feature idea internally and we are thankful that you shared it with us.

It would be great if other users can push by the topic by giving their “Mee Too”.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I too really miss the individual volume control for each sample and ESPECIALLY the option of having it be one-shot or not. djay 4.3.2 had all these right.

as far as grid layout of the samples, i use the keyboard shortcuts and for me it would be helpful to have them laid out in 2 rows of 6 (3 on each side with volume slider/edit button in middle) to correspond with the keystrokes, i.e…

[] [] [] [] [] []
[] [] [] [] [] []

x, c, v b,n,m
⌥x, ⌥c, ⌥v ⌥b, ⌥n, ⌥m