Batch analysis for Android

I have djay2 for android and i cannot find the “analyze” button when i go to my music. Is that on a different location ?


Hi Mike,

Batch analysis is not supported in the current version of djay 2 for Android.

that is a shame, it is time consuming and unpractical to make a playlist with all you songs so that they can be analyzed only when played.
the app should not be called djay2 if such a critical function is missing! djay 1.5 maybe?
i am a supporter of yours since djay1 and have been working only on ios devices. now that is a blow.
please respond when do you believe this function that exists in ios will come to android. thank you, achilleas, athens greece

Cheers for the reply Warren. Is there any planning on when/if this feature is coming in ? (or even a page with future features that i could monitor?)