Batch analyze in ios

I have an iPad Pro 2021 512gb with latest version of djay ai. When I add my dj playlists from Music/iTunes Mac, most of my bpm are missing. I can confirm that all the bpm are preset in iTunes on my Mac, they show up in djay pro ai Mac version, as well as in my iTunes playlist on Serato and rekordbox. Thus it’s not an metadata issue with my iTunes playlist. Is there any way to fix this? Is there a way to batch analyze my Music playlist on my iPad djay pro ai?

Disregard 2nd question, I found batch analyze option.

No BPMs? That’s interesting.
If those playlists are new to the Mac, try playing one of those songs on the music app then re-sync as playing through iTunes will update the song.

I’m curious, I edit my BPMs on iTunes all the time.
Never had this happen.
Note that I input the BPMs in iTunes based on what Djay’s analyzes.

Hi @deez,

Are these tracks being synced via a wireless (Cloud) or wired (Cable) connection from your Mac to your iPad when in use? I wonder if some of that metadata is not updating with the tracks during the syncing process.

Looking forward to your reply!

The are being synced through a wired connection.

Hi @deez,

This is very very interesting.

Do you happen to have an active Apple Music subscription running on your iPad? Possibly on your Mac as well?

This could be an issue with the iOS Apple Music versions of said tracks trying to take precedence over your manually preset tracks which may be creating a “data” blockade for lack of better terms.