Batch loudness, dynamic with Sony Convrt

Hi guys,

I know many of us faced lot of times that music library songs have different loudness, dynamic, sound quality etc. And would be hard to re-mastering them one-by-one. For that I found a Batch editor by Sony Sound Forge, and Convrt. Convert can handle that problem well, you can add your files, then add your preset plugin, I have used Ozone, works amazing. Before Run, check/preview the result, if you are satisfied with that, just hit Run, and bum, done! There is your remastered songs!

Also, there is very important details for making loudness on the right way. In statistics you can find details about your songs. The RMS value in % should be between 29-33% this is the right value, but should be less than 38%

I hope this helps!

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Thanks for sharing @DJ-Z. I’ve never heard of Sony Convrt. Another option which I’ve used for many year now is Platinum Notes from the makers of Mixed in Key. Very simple and easy to use:

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