Day pro absolutely butchers my battery on my MacBook Pro

Hi Chase G. Niles,

thank you for your feedback. Is your setup relaying on mobility?

Lukas E.

Me too! I actually had Apple give me a new retail replacement, but still I only get 2:52 (two hours and 52 minutes) of battery life on DJay 1.4.2 and 1.4.3 Anyone figure out a way to make it last longer? It’s horrible. I screamed at Apple “10 hours? You have to be kidding?” Then while waiting for the genius bar I ran DJay non stop and DJay on my iPhone non stop - same exact songs, same exact order - both at the same time. After 2 and 20 minutes of waiting I got to the Genius Bar counter…my laptop had 6% where my iPhone running it had 72%.

What’s going on?