Battle mixer for DJ pro

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  • Version of djay: Latest
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Hi all, I was looking for a hardware battle mixer. I’m was looking at the Rane 72 MKII, but it states it’s for Serato. I assume it will work with DJ pro without issue? Or am I better off with a Reloop

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Hi @kfarrell70, please refer to the linked article for a list of DVS-compatible mixers for djay on iOS. Please note at the bottom of the article that some features are not supported on certain hardware.

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Also, I recommend that you run some searches in this community forum for the hardware you are considering to see if other users are using this with djay and what their comments are.

Currently trying out Rane72 (mk1) with DJay Pro on macOS
The sound part and the MIDI part works well.

But the FlexFX and screen is a bit of a waste. No data being sendt to the mixer.
No file lists (crates), no BPM data, no waveforms.
The FX section of the Rane72 does not control the FX in DJay Pro and the paddles have no use, only the pads. The mixer pads does not retain its led colors when switching “pad layers” so its a bit clunky.

Unless you want the sound quality of that mixer specifically or the phono preamps,
it seems the digital side of this mixer has been abandoned . . .

Yeah that’s what I figured. That’s why I was leaning towards reloop. Why have a waveform screen if you can’t use it?

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