Beat Grid Export - ASAP!!!

Beatgrid export is available on Traktor, Serrato & Rekordbox but not in DJay STILL.

If a song doesn’t start on the very first beat or “downbeat”, the software will start the Beatgrid at the first major sound (or transient). This may be a sweep, a snare, a clap etc. It confuses the software into thinking that the sound is the first beat.

The beatgrid needs to be manually adjusted in about 40% of cases, the fact that this information can still not be saved across devices is madness.

It throws everything out and Nobody wants to go through 100/1000s of tracks on every device they have.

Hi @Donall_O_Cleirigh,

Thanks for the suggestion!

So that I can provide clearer feedback to the dev team regarding this request, which platform are you using djay on?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a great day!

I’m using on iOS using a beatpad2 and on a Mac. Currently I’m limited to just my iPhone when playing out as the beat grids are incorrect on the other platforms as they don’t sync like the cue points.

Because of this the visual display showing transients are incorrect in about 30% of tracks and auto mix is also inaccurate.

This issue has been mentioned over the last few years on a number of occasions and has been voted up.