Beat grid moves when setting BPM and sync

I’m trying to do a Hardhouse mix working to a BPM of 148, but when I change the initial track to 148 it messes up the bestgrid which means I cannot use sync, as this then makes the next track skip beats when you click play.

How do I change the bpm of the first track, turn on sync so that the sand bpm is applied to all future tracks, and ensure the beat grid is aligned correctly for all of them so that sync works seamlessly?

How are you adjusting BPM and which platform are you on (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android)? From your description, it sounds like to change the BPM via the popup - don’t do that. Instead, use the tempo fader above/below the “Sync” button (iOS/macOS) or the “Tempo” section of the BPM popup. Using this should leave your beat grid intact.