Beat grid pop-up editor should also say “Hide editor” visible.

the beat grid editor should say “Hide editor” when it’s visible.

Hi @Johan_Rosenberg,

Can you please share some screenshots to more clearly explain your suggestion? Thanks!

  • Version of djay: 5.1.3

How do i hide the beat grid editor? (Shouldn’t it say “Hide editor” when it’s visible.)

Now I saw the “tools bar” button. so I figured it out but I still think it should say “Hide editor” instead of “Show editor” when the editor is visible.

Hi @Johan_Rosenberg, please do not create multiple topics for the same discussion. I have merged your two topics into one. Thanks!

This window should say “Hide editor” when the editor is showing.

Hi @Johan_Rosenberg, thanks for the screenshot.

  1. If you want to hide the pop-up Edit Grid menu you can just click anywhere onscreen.
  2. The blue Show Editor opens additional Edit Grid controls below the Crossfader. This is expected behavior.
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thank you
I guess it just makes sense that the “show editor” would switch to “hide editor” when the editor is visible…?

Hi @Johan_Rosenberg, thanks for the clarification. I’ll pass this info onto the dev team. Thanks!

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