Beat Grid vs Beat Skip

I have several songs that djay fails to recognize the beat grid for correctly. It will lay out the grid correctly up to a certain point and then shift it by 1/2 a beat or 1 beat over several bars. I have now seen that this is even pronounced by the Beat Skip functionality. If I go to the beginning of the section where the misalignment starts and then use Beat Skip, it will correctly skip ahead according to the music but not according to the beat grid. Showing is easier than describing, so please watch here:

The song I’m using is „Be the One“ by Dua Lipa in the HeavyHits Clean Intro version.

Sometimes editing the bpms by tapping where your green cue is may work. Tap in the beginning, mid and towards the end may work.
BUT! Djay will eventually reset the beat grid to its original calculation, you will have to do that again for each device!
This has been a problem for me for years now.

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