Beat Jump

Would love a quantized beat jump feature. This makes track prep a breeze, not to mention the performance possibilities.

I fully agree here. To make the workflow usable for controllers without jogwheels (like the Mixtour) it is absolutely necessary to have a feature (MIDI command) that jumps to the next beat.

Nearly every track starts a bit before the first beat and your existing 1/1 beat jump just places you exactly that bit before the next beat, you’re stuck if you want to set the cue points to some beat without a jog wheel for fine-tuning.

That is an absolute must-have feature. Otherwise these ultra-compact controllers are useless workflow-wise…

@Algoriddim: are you aware for this and do you plan to build this (I think easily doable) feature?

So, how about any statement from Algoriddim’s side here?

It’s now 3 years (!) since any reaction from the product management side on that really necessary feature request…

Looking forward to it, really speeds up cue point setting …

Forgive me for being stupid, but are there different defenitions of “beat jump”? (Im a amateur so I really dont know) Because I have beat jump on my Pioneer DDJ 400, and it works with Djay pro for Windows… kind of?

+1 Quantized beatjump!!!

Djay pro iPad has the beat jump feature (but missing from the 2 deck preparation page) and I’ve just found out here that it’s missing on the Mac version too. Just a matter of time I guess.

Hey guys, 

thank you for sharing your thoughts. I added your posts to our user request list for a beat jump feature.

Lukas E.

Hey there,

thank you for pointing that out, was a answer mixup :slight_smile:

Cheers,Lukas E.

I am also waiting for this feature to come on. This has been requested so many times; I really think it should be a priority for the next release. Not thing to be annoying about it, but this is certainly the number one thing holding me back from using DJay Pro exclusively.

I second that. Another useful addition to make Djay even more professional.

That reply makes no sense. Is beat jump plausible.

Sorry Lukas. I can see what you have done and I understand you can’t give the game away on the forum. My apologies for the misunderstanding. Beat jump has my vote.

Yes, need this in the UI. I think a great place for it would be as a mode to the looping controls with the in/out/time … placed to the right and left of the waveforms where it is makes a lot of sense.

I had my credit card in hand, ready to purchase and switch from Traktor. But then I noticed the lack of this beat jump feature that I use regularly in Traktor… please add this feature and then I will be very glad to give you my money.

Is this feature available yet?

how does djay “pro” not have beatjump lmao