beat matching - next generation

What if after beat matching two/four channels, will be possible to change one or more channels to a different ratio of matching, like 3/4, 1/2, 1/16 etc., starting from “matched” tempo?

Hi @Soundimizer,

Thanks so much for sharing your suggestion!

We’d love to hear a bit more from you regarding how you might see this implemented in djay, if possible.

Additionally, what platform would you like to see a feature like this integrated into? macOS, iOS, etc.

Have a nice day!

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This would be useful for advanced nixing techniques. The 3/4 especially.

I see this feature described in this way. Supposing that we have a time measure 1/1 or 4/4 (just a convention, but important to be defined) and two songs in SYNC, let’s assume that the second song must be aligned not at 4/4 beats but at 3/4 beats. This means that the second one must be time streched at BPM * 3/4, not at 4/4 beats. This now it can be done by simply adding the computed BPM by hand, the only remainind thing is to align/sync the beats (also doable by hand).

I see this like a similar SYNC, but with a certain ratio. It would be perfect to have it on iOS and/OR macOS. Of course, the system must be generalised to the most usual ratios (or ultimately, at any ratio)
In attached image you can see 4 beats (first) aligned to 3 beats (second).

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You have explained this better than I ever could my friend! It works for mixing house into drum n bass with 3/4 loops.

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