Beat pad 2 and Djay 2 and Djay pro - awesome

Only had my Beatpad 2 less than a week but I have to say it’s brilliant with Djay Pro for iPad and Mac as well as Djay 2. With the Beatpad 2 it’s very tightly integrated. I love it

Hi, can you control all 4 decks on the dj pro version wi the beatpad 2?

Does the iPad pro fit in to the iPad slot of the beatpad 2?

I would love to know how as well, I just got a reloop beat pad 2 for my iPadpro and DJAY pro

Hi there,

thank you for this nice feedback we really appreciate it.
If you have any questions regarding our software please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

Have fun mixing, 
Lukas E.

Only 2 decks with Beatpad 2 via controller and no the iPad pro doesn’t fit in the Beatpad iPad slot.