Beat placement issue (djay2 iPad)

When I try and set down the first (yellow) beat in a specific place,different to where the analyser sets it, it will set the beat to the closest beat rather than where I want it to??

So, if the beat lines are placed correctly but the first beat isnt a “yellow” one, then yes I can correct it so that any “grey” beat becomes a yellow beat by tapping the edit whilst stopped over a “grey” beat. the grey beat becomes the yellow 1st beat.

But, if the beat lines are not in the right place (for clarity: the beat is analysed correctly for tempo, and the song is playing at the right tempo, its just the beat lines that are off, this is particularly common in drum and bass music where there are lots of beats in each bar) I cannot correct this? It just “snaps” to the nearest grey beat when I try and adjust to this new position???

Essentially, what it means is I cant use tracks that the analyser has incorrectly analysed.

Any support here from Algoriddim?

Even if its to say “no you can’t do that”