Beat Recognition Problem


i try to explain my problem:

i have found a song in the internet, called “Dangerous (Calvo Bass Remix)”:…

i wanted to load this song in my library, but when i play it, the 4/4 beat recognition isn’t positioned right after a minute or compared from the beginning to the end.
i thought this was a problem of the song, so i remastered it using a metronome in Garageband to 124 bpm. Exported:…

but djay pro has the same problem again, and it seems it couldn’t find the right bp for this track to have at the beginning 4/4 at the right place and at the end 4/4 at the right place.

You may ask why this is so annoying? well, i would like to use the auto mix function on mac and iphone (the same problem), but if the beat isn’t right, it sound awful in the changes.

Hope there is a solution for this problem

PS: yes i tried it often to re-tap the beat but it doesn’t work.

Glad to hear that, Lukas.
Great work, Ronald! Thank you!

Hi Lukas,

depending on track structure djay pro sometimes doesn’t recognize the grid properly. In your case djay pro recognizes the song correct with 124 bpm.

The original track starts with “one beat of silence” and djay pro accidentally sets the first grid bar a half beat before the first real beat and the 2nd to the first hihat. (The yellow bar always shows the first of four beats.)

The beat grid of garage band version is recognized better (not at the hihat, since you cropped the silence) but it is still 2 beats offbeat. See screenshot for better understanding.

You can “fix” that by clicking the waveforms (marked with red rectangle), now scroll/seek to the first beat and click “set grid” at the bottom of the track-window. You will see the grid readjusting to the first beat (yellow bars).
Btw: also set the cue point at this step - makes life easier. :slight_smile:

These settings will be saved so you only have to set it once.
This worked for me for both versions.

Hope that helped! cheers, rokr

Hey Lukas, i just checked it again. For me the beatmatching is perfect throughout the whole song. There is no tempo change and no offbeat, just plain 4/4 all the time.
I did this with the first version and manually setting the grid.

Maybe it’s different with iOS version?

BTW: maybe you should delete the dropbox links above for some reason. :wink:

cheers, Ronald

This is offtopic but i remembered Lukas’ question when i just loaded this track into djay pro:…
djay pro recognizes 170 bpm due to its baseline i think.
While the beat (drops at 4:00) is around 128 bpm.
Also setting the grid doesn’t help because djay pro still asumes 170 bpm.
In this case there should be a way to mark 4 beats and hit “take this to calculate bpm and grid, trust me, djay pro!” :slight_smile:

cheers, Ronald

Related issue: Add option to manually edit beatgrids -…

hey rokr

thanks to the answer, i used it but the problem wasn’t solved on my version. For the first part of the track it works but after the song passage of sam martin, the beat grid is off-beat.

But i’ve found another solution: i used a sample beat and make it as silence as possible, but loud enough to recognize. i set it behind the sam martin passages in the track and - surprise - it works with perfect 4/4 beat grid :slight_smile:

another thing i saw in the program, unique with that song: the beat grid moves without doing something! i don’t know if the program checks everytime while playing the song the grid is alright, but if you look as close as you can, you see it moving :slight_smile:

Cheers, lukas

Hey rokr,

thanks for the replys and tipps, it now works on both devices :slight_smile:

cheers, Lukas