Beat skip not remaining on beat grid when track is stopped

Hey hey,

I’ve been encountering a bug/unusual behaviour since (I believe) the last update where using the beat skip function to quickly cycle through tracks and place cue points is drifting off where it should be. This seems to be occurring mostly when the track is not playing.
I’ll line up the first cue point on a down beat, hit a 16 beat jump (or turn the encoder when a midi controller/mixer is connected) and the track will skip forward but not land on beat. This problem seems to occur mostly when the track is stopped but I’ve also encountered it when you skip backwards to BEFORE the track has started (to line up a perfect drop on a short intro for example).

Does anyone have any ideas on whether its user error or actually a bug?

Keep up the great work team!

I think this is a long-standing issue. For me, it mostly happens with tracks that have an irregular beat. Beat jump seems to not care about the grid, it just jumps forward the number of beats specified according to the BPM set on the track.

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